Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study & Regional Planning Affiliation 8

The goal of this project is to develop a smart, next-generation, traffic management and control system (called here STREETS as an acronym for Smart Traffic Routing with Efficient and Effective Traffic Signals) that will use traffic control strategies to enable dynamic traffic routing to maximize the use of existing roadway capacities in the Dubuque metro area.

The proposed system will reduce wear and tear on major corridors in the Dubuque metro area by distributing traffic more evenly throughout the metro area. It is also expected that the system will reduce congestion, shorten travel times, and improve safety in the metro area. By rerouting traffic on the roads with extra capacities dynamically, it is expected that the proposed system will reduce/eliminate some of the traffic bottlenecks.

As an auxiliary outcome of the system operations, the City staff will use the proposed system to identify future projects that will improve safety and reduce congestion in the metro area. Finally, the system will help to measure the effectiveness of safety and congestion projects. This project is one of a kind and will become a replicable model for small urban areas such as Dubuque with populations under 100,000.

STREETS Systems Engineering Final Report

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