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Delaware County Water Trail Plan
The Iowa DNR is partnering with Delaware County Conservation and East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA) to develop a water trail master plan for a portion of the Maquoketa River in Delaware County. The plan will focus on the section of river that begins at Bailey's Ford Park, flows through Lake Delhi, and ends at the county's southern boundary.

Water trails are recreational routes on rivers and lakes that provide a unique experience for canoeists and kayakers.  Water trail routes provide adequate access points that can be used for planning trips at various lengths and difficulty. The master plan will present a vision for the future of river recreation in Delaware County and will recommend actions that can be taken to make that vision a reality.  A key part of developing the plan will be identifying improvement projects like boat launches, information signs, parking areas, and safety improvements. 

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Visit the Iowa DNR’s website for more information on canoeing and kayaking and water trail development in Iowa.

Delaware County Water Trail Map

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