DMATS - Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study & Regional Planning Affiliation 8 DMATS 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan Update

We need your input on the new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Draft!

Drafts for several chapters of the 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan have been completed and we welcome any input on the new plan!

Chapter Documents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Community Profile

Chapter 3 Future Transportation Network Profile

Chapter 4 Future Transportation Network Forecast

Chapter 5 Public Input

Chapter 6 Safety

Chapter 7 Freight

Chapter 8 Finance

Chapter 9 Projects and Project Prioritization

Chapter 10 Environmental

Chapter Presentations

Chapter 1 Introduction Presentation

Chapter 2 Community Profile Presentation

Chapter 3 Transportation Network Profile Presentation

Chapter 4 Transportation Network Forecast Presentation

Chapter 5 Public Input Presentation

Chapter 6 Safety Presentation

Chapter 7 Freight Presentation (Incomplete)

Chapter 8 Finance Presentation

Chapter 9 Projects and Project Prioritization Presentation

Chapter 10 Environmental

Please send all input to Chandra Ravada at